Data Rooms and Data Storage Options to Share Documents

Create a centralized workspace where everyone can quickly access the data they need. Use data rooms and data storage options to share documents.

What Are the Main Storage Options to Share Documents?

Data leak prevention is a set of technologies aimed at preventing the loss of sensitive information that occurs in businesses around the world. The successful implementation of this technology requires considerable training and meticulous maintenance. Businesses wishing to integrate and implement DLP must be prepared for a significant effort that, if executed correctly, can greatly reduce the risk to the organization.

Among the main data room and data storage options are:

  1. Cloud electronic archive.

A database that allows you to store and process documents remotely. Requires a stable internet connection. Stored on a special server with passwords and access settings for employees, protected from hacking.

  1. Your own electronic archive.

The file folder is stored on the local computer, where employees search for and add documents according to company rules. But this method does not guarantee security: the computer may break down, and it is also possible to accidentally change or delete the file, even if access settings are made.

  1. Electronic data room programs.

A secure information system for electronic document management (EDMS) or special software (software) for automated archive management. It guarantees data protection, is characterized by simplicity and clarity, and allows employees to work with documents independently. Customizable to the needs of each organization.

Data Room as the Best Option for Keeping Your Documents Safe

The implementation of a data room system is not only automation but also organizational and cultural changes that can be successfully implemented with the support of management and thanks to a strong leader who will promote this strategy in the team. Key employees, feeling supported and understanding the importance of tasks with proper motivation, will participate in the project as actively as possible. Without sincere support, an IT project is unlikely to be successful.

If you are working with traditional programs, simply opening a spreadsheet with more than 4,000 results can cause your system to freeze or even crash. In the case of online data rooms, their functionality ensures seamless access to data, no matter how much information is stored. Unfortunately, the best two options are not available in the free version. If you want to use them, then you really have to use paid services. You can always to be sure of your choice.

Here’s how virtual data rooms help:

  • Store the necessary documents in the data room and provide potential investors or representatives with individual access.
  • Protect documents from unauthorized downloads or printing with fence view or view only Features.
  • Use the NDA templates in the VDR and ask potential investors to sign them. Non-disclosure agreements restrict unauthorized use of data, and those responsible can be held accountable for it.
  • Keep the communication secure and private in data rooms.

In addition to providing secure file storage and distribution, VDRs also have other useful features that make the process of real estate transactions easier. For example, they have a reporting and tracking feature that allows VDR owners to track the performance of other parties. At the same time, additional functions for setting up control scripts or scheduled shutdowns are rather features of individual products and do not necessarily require implementation.